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At Wellsprings Coaching Services, LLC, we partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their potential. Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. We focus on three primary niches:

- Coaching for Business and Executive Development

- Coaching for Improved Quality of Life

- Coaching for Pastors and Pastors' Wives


Business, Executive, and Life Coaching Services: 

Business, executive, and life coaches at Wellsprings Coaching Services, LLC  help you and/or your business uncover and ignite purpose and passion, identify and fulfill achievable steps and goals, and reap rewarding results. Wellsprings Coaching Services, LLC can help you and/or your business Turn your Vision into Reality through:

  • Getting focused
  • Staying motivated
  • Realizing your potential / purpose
  • Accomplishing more in less time
  • Enlarging your vision
  • Improving work/life balance
  • Better managing your finances
  • Strengthening personal and professional relationships
  • Making progress in plateaued areas of your life
  • Embarking on a new career or venture
  • Integrating your values with work/life
  • Achieving satisfying results


Coaching for Pastors and Pastor's Wives:  

Coaches at Wellsprings Coaching Services, LLC provide support and accountability, in a one-one-one confidential relationship, to empower Pastors and Pastors' wives to discover solutions that enhance the quality of their lives. Being sensitive to the unique demands of a Pastor and Pastor's wife, Wellsprings Coaching Services, LLC provides a trained professional coach who has personally experienced these important roles in ministry.


Coaches for Pastors at Wellsprings Coaching Services, LLC come alongside Pastors who are on the front line of service to the Christian community, in a one-on-one confidential environment. We partner with Pastors to empower them to overcome obstacles and achieve results in both their ministry and personal lives. We acknowledge that the life of a Pastor has its own unique challenges. Wellsprings Coaching Services, LLC provides trained professional coaches who have personally served in various pastoral ministries. 

Pastors’ Wives: 

A Pastor’s wife can be significantly impacted by ministry demands as she balances the competing priorities of marriage, church, job, family, home, community, and her own soul care.  Her husband may have limited time and emotional availability while he leads the church.  Other women in the church may frequently lean on her for encouragement and guidance while expecting unattainable perfection from her children, her home, her wardrobe, and her knowledge of scripture.  Wellsprings Coaching Services, LLC provides a safe environment, with the necessary boundaries, confidentiality, and emotional support that she deeply needs.


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