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Our staff at Wellsprings is passionate about transforming your life and those around you!  We are currently accepting proposals for speaking engagements.  If your church or community organization has a need for a speaker, please contact us and we can work with you to come up with the right fit for your group.
Please send us a request through our Contact page
Speaking Engagement Topics | Print |

Speaking Engagement List 


  • Beyond Surviving the Preschool Years to Thriving: The 5 Principles of Purposeful Parenting
  • Shame Based Family Rules vs. Biblically Based Family Rules (on CD) 
  • Parenting Skills
  • Helicopter parenting 


  • Newly Married Couples
  • Blended Families
  • Resolving Marital Conflict
  • Enriching Marital Communication
  • Boundaries and Relationships (family, friends, ministry, etc.)
  • Dealing with conflict and interpersonal relationships
  • What wives find attractive in husbands, and what husbands find attractive in wives
  • Building marital intimacy
  • Communication that works
  • Real conflict resolution
  • Confronting the real needs and real problems in Christian marriage
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Sex & Dating 


  • Teaching on the self-care of persons in ministry, burnout, and related topics.
  • Assessment of persons considered for ministry with psychological testing
  • Recognizing and Dealing with burnout in Christian workers
  • How to WIN in the Workplace 

Christian Growth:

  • Taking the high road in Christian living
  • God’s answer to depression
  • God’s answer to anxiety
  • Discovering and appreciating your personality from a Christian perspective
  • The need for rest and Sabbath for healthy living
  • (For women only) Fighting the battle against bitterness and resentment
  • Finding Passion and Purpose in Life
  • Passion, Purpose, Pace, Process, and Prayer
  • Identifying and dealing with eating disorders
  • Women and Their Emotions

Missionary Care:

  • Encouraging and supporting missionaries (overseas and at home)


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